portable Innovative System Optimizer v4.0

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برنامج متميز فى صيانه النظام واصلاح الاخطاء وتنظيفه من المخلفات وبه العديد من الادوات التى تمكنك من تسريع نظامك بكل سهولة من خلال زر واحد ويقضى على كافة المشاكل التى تحدث خلال استخدام البرامج وتنظيف الجهاز من الملفات الغير ضرورية
وتغير شكل الوندوز

Innovative System Optimizer helps your computer respond faster to your commands by accelerating some of the key components of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Innovative System Optimizer contains many tools which work together to increase your computer’s overall performance. By improving your computer’s responsiveness, this powerful system tool will save you time and make your computer work like new.

The program includes tools for optimizing the operation of your hard-disk, registry, memory and startup programs plus cleaning tools to ease your system’s workload and speed it up even further.

Innovative System Optimizer has a “One Click Optimizer” to help you optimize your computer quickly and without wasting time. This automatically runs all the optimization tools to give you peak performance, while still allowing you to tune each optimization option.

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The hard-disk defragmenter and scandisk will accelerate access to your files and improve the application launch time by making the hard-disk work at maximum efficiency. The registry cleaner, defragmenter and backup tools increase the speed at which the Windows registry is read and written, which in turn increases the speed of the programs that use the registry a lot.

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A powerful history cleaner with a database of over 200 applications works together with the registry cleaner to protect your privacy and to keep your registry free of garbage.

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Innovative System Optimizer was especially designed for Windows Vista and Windows XP and tailored to these operating systems, while considering safety and security as the first priority of its design. Innovative System Optimizer adapts its scanning and optimizing processes to your version of Windows and the software you have installed to ensure that you will see positive benefits.

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The memory optimizer helps regulate the memory usage of the programs you run so free memory is more often available for the programs that request it. This will give an extra speed boost for those programs that are especially resource-intensive and require a lot of memory.

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We believe that a program should be customized to suit your personality. Innovative System Optimizer includes 15 additional themes so you can choose a look to match your mood or your Windows color scheme.

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Don't put up with poor computer performance! download Innovative System Optimizer now and use the One Click Optimizer to get an increase in your computer’s speed and responsiveness!

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