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الموضوع: الاصدار الاخير من مكافح الفايروسات Kaspersky Internet Security Beta

What's new in Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 is a fresh approach to data security. The program's main feature is that it combines

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    افتراضي الاصدار الاخير من مكافح الفايروسات Kaspersky Internet Security Beta

    الاصدار الاخير مكافح الفايروسات Kaspersky 1176906913_43590808.gif

    What's new in Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0

    Kaspersky internet security 7.0 is a fresh approach to data security. The program's main feature is that it combines and noticeably improves the existing features of all the company's products in one security solution. The program provides both anti-virus protection and protection from spam and hacker attacks. New modules protect users from unknown threats, phishing, and rootkits.

    You will no longer need to install several products on your computer for overall security. It is enough simply to install kaspersky Internet Security 7.0.

    Comprehensive protection guards all the channels through which data can enter or be transmitted. The flexible settings for any component in the program give Kaspersky Internet Security the ability to maximally adapt to the needs of every user. You also have the option of setting up all the defense components from one ********************************.

    Let's take a closer look at the new features in Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0.

    New Protection Features

    Now Kaspersky Internet Security protects you both from known malicious programs and programs that have not yet been discovered. The Proactive Defense component is one of the strong points of the program. It is built on analyzing the behavior of applications installed on your computer, monitoring changes to the system registry, and fighting hidden threats. The component uses a heuristic analyzer that can detect various types of malicious programs. In doing so, it keeps a history of malicious activity, with which activity can be rolled back and the system can be restored to its state prior to the malicious activity.
    The program protects users from rootkits and autodialers, blocks banner ads, pop-up windows, and malicious scripts loaded from websites,detects phishing sites, and protecting users from unauthorized transmission of confidential data (passwords for Internet connections, e-mail, or ftp servers).
    File Anti-Virus technology has been improved: now you can lower the load on the central processor and disk subsystems and increase the speed of file scans. iChecker and iSwift make this possible. By operating this way, the application will not scan files twice.
    The scan process now runs in the background while you use your computer. A scan can take up a fair amount of time and system resources, but the user can now continue using the computer. If any operation requires system resources, the virus scan will pause until that operation is completed. The scan then resumes at the point where it left off.
    Individual tasks are provided for scanning Critical Areas of the computer and startup objects that could cause serious problems if infected and for detecting rootkits used to hide malware on your system. You can configure these tasks to run automatically every time the system is started.
    E-mail protection from malicious programs and spam has been significantly improved. The program scans e-mail sent on these protocols for viruses and spam:
    IMAP, SMTP, POP3, regardless of which mail client you use
    NNTP (virus scan only), regardless of the mail client
    Regardless of the protocol (including MAPI and HTTP), using plug-ins for Microsoft Office Outlook and The Bat!
    Special plug-ins are available for the most common mail clients such as Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express/Windows Mail, and The Bat! that can configure mail protection directly in the mail client both from viruses and from spam.
    Anti-Spam is trained as you work with the mail in your inbox, taking into account all the details of how you deal with mail and providing maximum flexibility in configuring spam detection. Training is built around the iBayes algorithm. You can also create black and white lists of addressees and key phrases that mark e-mail as spam.
    Anti-Spam uses a phishing database. It can filter out e-mails that are designed to obtain confidential information of a financial nature.

    The program filters inbound and outbound traffic, traces and blocks threats from common network attacks, and lets you use the Internet in Stealth Mode.
    When using a network, you can also define which networks to trust 100 % and which to monitor with extreme caution.
    The user notification feature for signaling certain events in program operation has been expanded. You can select the method of notification yourselves for each of these event types: e-mails, sound notifications, popup messages, log event.
    The program now has the ability to scan traffic sent over SSL protocol.
    New features included application self-defense technology, protection from unauthorized remote access of program services, and password protection for program settings. These features help keep malicious programs, hackers, and unauthorized users from disabling protection.
    The option of creating a rescue disk has been added. Using this disk, you can restart your operating system after a virus attack and scan it for malicious objects.
    A new Kaspersky Internet Security component, Parental Control, enables users to monitor computer access to the Internet. Using this feature, you can block or allow access for different user groups to certain websites or to sites classified as inappropriate.
    What's new in the program interface

    The new Kaspersky Internet Security interface makes the functions of the program simple and easy to use. You can also change the appearance of the program by creating and using your own graphics and color schemes.
    The program regularly provides you with tips as you use it: Kaspersky Internet Security displays informative messages on the level of protection, accompanies its operation with hints and tips, and includes a thorough Help section.
    What's new in program updates

    This version of the application debuts our improved update procedure: Kaspersky Internet Security automatically checks the update source for update packages. When the program detects fresh updates, it downloads them and installs them on the computer.
    The program only downloads the updates that you do not have yet. This lowers the download traffic for updates by up to tenfold.
    Updates are downloaded from the fastest source.
    Now you can choose not to use a proxy server if the program updates are downloaded from a local source. This noticeably reduces the traffic on the proxy server.
    The program has an update rollback feature that can return to the previous version of the signatures, if, for example, the threat signatures are damaged or there is an error in copying.
    A feature has been added for distributing updates to a local folder to give other network computers access to them to save bandwidth.


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    يسلمووووووووووووو عاهد


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