ANSYS Electromagnetics 15.0 Suite (x86 + x64) + ECAD Translator (x86 + x64)
ANSYS Electromagnetics 15.0 Suite (x86 4d6a8e9d37cd51b67c79ba00319989fa.jpg

ANSYS electromagnetics 15.0 suite (x86 + x64) + ecad translator (x86 + x64)
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ANSYS Electromagnetics 15.0 Suite - a set of specialized software simulation of high-frequency devices.

In ANSYS Electromagnetics 15.0 Suite includes: ansys Designer - a comprehensive solution for the development of highly efficient RF / microwave devices and verification of integrated circuits. HFSS - a standardized industry tool for modeling three-dimensional electromagnetic fields. ANSYS Q3D Extractor - this software to develop multilayer boards , complex housings of integrated circuits and the passive three-dimensional elements embedded in the crystal. SIwave - a program for the analysis of complex printed circuit boards and housings of integrated circuits used in modern electronics. This tool allows to obtain frequency-dependent model of the power distribution and signaling networks directly from databases topologies devices. Maxwell - program of complex simulation of the electromagnetic field in the design and analysis 3D/2D-sistem such as motors, actuators, transformers and other electrical and electromechanical devices . Simplorer - a program for the development of complex automotive, defense, aviation, industrial systems that require interdisciplinary calculations.
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ANSYS Electromagnetics 15>0 Suite (x86 + x64) ECAD Translator 150 ansys ecad electromagnetics suite translator x64 x86