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Sean D'Souza - Crucial Website Component Series | 68 MB
Genre : E-Learning

Do you feel like banging your head against the wall when writing content for the important pages on your website?

Most website-based books talk about usability and design, but often all you really want is a way to be able to write the important pages.

1) Put together specific pages on your website from scratch.

Better understand how to design a solid home page that helps customers find their way around (and do what you want them to do).

Create a clean, non-creepy sign-up route to your subscribe page.

About Us Website Components Strategy Website Components Home Page Strategy Website Components More Subscribers

In this 45-page book you will learn:

The importance of trust on the about us page

How to use photos creatively and still be yourself

You may have books on how to make a page look good and how to create usability. This is different from both. What this book does is show you how to drive the customer forward using both text and graphics.

In this 59-page book you will learn:

What is the purpose of the home page

How to choose a graphic layout that works for your business

How to create the right points of interest for your site

How to stop your visitors from looping mindlessly

What are the four elements every home page needs.

How to decide the right route to sign-up
How to create a non-creepy route to your subscribe page
Why reports matter
The Psychotactics route to subscriber and how it works

PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS (For premium only!)
What Are Customers Looking For On Your Home Page?
Website Strategy: Home Page Design
So what are customers looking for on your home page?

Here is a video that will show you what happens next if you:
- Pay attention to your layout and choose a layout that works for your business
- Decide the purpose of your home page. And therefore create a focal point.

You will learn
1) Which links interest them the most
2) What are they clicking on
3) The important of the next step

You will be able to download this video and watch to as many times as you like. This video covers the concepts mentioned in Book 2.


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