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The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Maya 2014 Interface and Workflow-TUTOR | 1.60 GB

Genre: eLearning

Over the past 15 years, maya has become the leading 3D application used in the film, broadcast and game industries. Hailed for its diverse toolset, Maya excels due to its integration, flexibility and performance in regards to modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, animation, rigging and effects. Designed for the individual new to Maya, this DVD contains over 8 hours of lecture. The essential UI (user interface) is discussed, focusing on the workflow of an experienced user. Learn how to efficiently create, manipulate and organize hierarchies, objects, components and cameras. Many concepts are introduced including the use of Polygons versus NURBS, Maya materials and rendering, The Node Editor, setting up Maya Projects, animation using the Graph Editor, and the fundamental concepts behind how Maya understands your scenes. Customization of the UI is also addressed in order to dramatically improve efficiency and workflow.

Topics Covered:
- interface and Workflow
- Maya Primitives
- Objects and Cameras
- Node Editor
- Shading
- Lighting and Rendering
- Animation Attributes
- Projects Set up

- Basic Interface overview
- Maya Primitives: Nurbs and Polygons
- Understanding Maya Nodes: Shape and Transform nodes
- Manipulating Objects and Display Options
- Node Hierarchy
- Constraints and the Node Editor
- Create Shading Nodes
- Lighting and Rendering Basics
- Animating Attributes
- Customizing the Maya Interface and Marking Menus
- Set up Maya Projects

A) Unpack this release using your favorite RAR unpacker
B) Load up the tutorial, and expand your knowledge
C) Sit back, and enjoy!


The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Maya 2014 Interface and Workflow-TUTOR gnomon interface introduction maya workflow workflowtutor workshop