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Shlece : Architectural Interior Visualization in V-ray Tutorials | 3.44 GB
This Tutorial includes over 7 hours of training.
Difficulty Level : Advanced
Main Software Used in,Modeling, Simulation : ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max, Marvelous Designer, MeshLab (free)
Rendering : V-ray 3.0

Post Production : Photoshop
- The tutorial will cover,

In Modeling :
- Customizing the UI using scripts.
- Using Marvelous Designer to model every peace of resting furniture; all the couches , sofas, pillows, chair.
- Spline modeling in conjunction with some modifiers , including ; tables, the floor lamp, vases, wall clock.
- Using V-ray fur for the floor carpet.
- Using ATree free script to create flowers and plants.
- Using V-ray displacement to create cutouts.
- Optimizing V-ray displacement to areas that are seen through the camera for memory optimization.
- Using ArchiCAD to model the building and refining in 3Ds Max.
- Using some free scripts to place books in bookshelf randomly.
- Using Animation tools to scatter objects on our models.
- Using graphite modeling tool-set

In Shading :

- Using V-ray blend to create complex materials .
- Using quick scripts to interactively see the results of complex textures without the need of full rendering.
- Using V-ray 2 sided to create translucency for objects.
- Using worn out edges with the use of V-ray displacement and V-ray Dirt.
- Optimizing all scene materials to have the best quality n the least rendering time.
- Most of the materials in the scene are made of complicated shading networks

In Rendering:

- Using V-ray 3.0s new features that will help in rendering this scene faster and modifiable.
- Get use of all different V-ray lights and how to optimize those and a general lighting solution which will work in many interior scenes.
- Rendering many different render passes including masks for all materials, separating lights, reflection, refraction and .

In compositing:

- Layering all our different passes together to achieve a result we want.
- Changing the individual lights effect in our scene without the need to re-rendering.
- Color correcting many of our elements with ease using the masks that we rendered out.
- Adding extra texture to some objects and learn how to blend them nicely with the scene.

Lessons are as follow :
00-General Information 42:55
01-Drawing the building in ArchiCAD - 48:51
02-Finishing the building - 06:16
03-Modeling the bookshelf - 39:29
04-Modeling the rug - 21:21
05-Modeling the coffee table - 33:10
06-Creating the lamps - 21:10
07-Modeling the wall clock - 16:12
08-Modeling the vase - 11:53
09-Modeling the curtains in MD - 09:11
10-Modeling the couch in MD - 25:06
11-Modeling the chair in MD - 13:58
12-Modeling the sofa in MD - 06:54
13-Shading-part 01 - 20:21
14-Shading-part 02 - 26:34
15-Shading-part 03 - 17:47
16-Shading-part 04 - 07:29
17-Shading-part 05 - 14:39
18-Shading-part 06 - 09:14
19-Lighting & Rendering - 28:05
20-Compositing - 16:24


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