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Tuto Matte Painting Apocalyptique avec Photoshop CS3 | 923 MB
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In this photoshop tutorial dedicated to matte painting Apocalyptic , we will recreate it from a composition Z "end of the world." This real training Photoshop over 4:30 will teach professional techniques Matte Painting!

This image was originally done for the Festival Clermont -Ferrand in 2009 , in the ArtFX school in Montpellier

The trainer will then throughout the process you detail all the usual steps for this kind of Matte Painting , both pure technical side of Photoshop ( suitable for all versions of Photoshop) artistically with a recurring return on rules composition but also on how to tell a "story" .

As a bonus, you'll also find two passages on Cinema 4D to create some more difficult to achieve in 2D which are then composited in matte painting (the tower at the bottom and inside the room exploded ) volumes.
Program this tutorial Photoshop Matte Painting :

Cleaning ( cleaning ) of the original scene ( removing items )
Photoshop techniques (duplication , modification ... )
Artistic techniques (methods of composition , method of direction of gaze of the viewer, atmospheric depth ... )
Adding 3d : recovery of Cinema 4d perspective , rendering and overlay matte (creation of the tower, creating the interior of the room which was destroyed )
Using the paint -over texturing 3d volumes directly into Photoshop

In the end, you will make yourself a realistic apocalyptic scene with Photoshop and you will learn many techniques used by professional matte painter !


Tuto Matte Painting Apocalyptique avec Photoshop CS3 apocalyptique cs3 matte painting photoshop tuto