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Dealing with Aggressive and Dominant Dogs
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Everyone has an Opinion:

I tell you these things for one reason. You found this web page because you have a problem with your dog. You have also found out that "Everyone has an opinion on how to solve your problem." You only need to use Google for a few minutes to see this, or ask your neighbor or best friend. Everyone thinks they know what you should be doing. The problem is that very few people have the experience to back up their opinions.

Every year hundreds of thousands of Dogs go through obedience training. The vast majority of dominant dogs that enter training classes come out of class just as dominant as before they started. The reason for this is that instructors and owners alike do not address issues of pack drive and rank within the pack.

These instructors and pet owners underestimate the genetic power of the "PACK DRIVE GENES" that flows through the veins of a family dog. Dogs, like wolves, seek to live in a family packs. A family pack can be one dog living with his human family, or multiple dogs and their human family.

When the average pet owner gets a new dog the owner's first goal is to show the dog how much he likes the dog. This is the absolute opposite of how dogs think. When a dog meets another dog they will always establish their rank with each other before they become friends and play (or fight) with the new dog.


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