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Digital Tutors - Professional Series: Designing a Female Android in Photoshop
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In this collection of lessons we will learn about different tools and techniques that can be used to manipulate a stock photo into a completely new image.
Weï?½ll get started exploring some techniques for removing the background from our stock photo. Then weï?½ll move on and look into a couple different methods of removing unwanted details from our image. After that weï?½ll examine several different tools for modifying the anatomy of our model to slim her down a bit. From here weï?½ll work through redesigning our modelï?½s wardrobe, converting her soft fleshy tissue to hard surfaces as well as color correcting our image. Weï?½ll wrap thing up by focusing on a variety of details that will push our finished piece over the top. After completing this course, youï?½ll be familiar with the tools and techniques used to create a complex photo manipulation.
11 videos in this course:

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Background removal techniques
3. Removing and replacing unwanted details
4. Exaggerating anatomy
5. Wardrobe modification
6. Planning out and refining the android's hard surfaces
7. Color correcting our image
8. Blending flesh tones
9. Detailing secondary hard surfaces
10. Re-styling the android's hair
11. Focusing on details


Digital Tutors - Professional Series Designing a Female Android in Photoshop android designing digital female photoshop professional series tutors