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NAPP - Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Part 1,2,3
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No professional photographer would deliver a non-retouched image to their client. In this three-part series, Scott Kelby covers various techniques for photo retouching. Since retouching typically isn't billed to your clients, Scott emphasizes speed and results.

Part 1 goes into great detail on effects used for retouching your subject's eyes.

01. Introduction.mp4
02. Eyebrow Trimming.mp4
03. Darkening the Eyebrows.mp4
04. Fixing Deep Eyes.mp4
05. Whitening the Eyes.mp4
06. Upper Eyelashes.mp4
07. Lower Eyelashes.mp4
08. Removing Redness.mp4
09. Adding a Kicker Light.mp4
10. Creating Catch Lights.mp4
11. Enhancing Catch Lights.mp4
12. Eye Enlargements.mp4
13. Changing Eye Color.mp4
14. Adding Contrast.mp4
15. Darkening the Eyes.mp4
16. Shapening the Eyes.mp4
17. Conclusion.mp4

In Part 2 of Professional portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers, Scott Kelby shows you step-by-step techniques for retouching skin, including removing blemishes, dark circles and stubble, and various effects for smoothing and sharpening the skin.

01. Intro.mp4
02. Removing Blemishes.mp4
03. Skin Softening.mp4
04. Skin Sharpening.mp4
05. Removing Dark Circles.mp4
06. Creating Porcelain Skin.mp4
07. Removing Hotspots.mp4
08. Removing Stubble.mp4
09. Getting the Modern, Desaturated Look for Skin.mp4
10. Skin Sharpening in Men vs. Women.mp4
11. Conclusion.mp4

In the final of Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers, Scott Kelby shows you step-by-step techniques for fixing gaps in hair, adding highlights to hair, removing stray hairs. Scott also shows you how to sculpt the face and modify the nose, and how dodging and burning can aid in the sculpting process. The ever popular retouching of teeth, lips and clothes is also covered.

01. Intro.mp4
02. Adding Hair Highlights.mp4
03. Fixing Gaps in Hair.mp4
04. Removing Stray Hairs.mp4
05. Fixing Stray Hairs and Sensor Dust.mp4
06. Darkening the Hair.mp4
07. Sculpting the Face.mp4
08. Modifying the Nose.mp4
09. Sculpting with Dodging & Burning.mp4
10. Retouching Teeth.mp4
11. Retouching Lips.mp4
12. Retouching Clothes.mp4
13. Body Slimming.mp4
14. Retouching from Start to Finish.mp4

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NAPP - Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers napp photographers portrait professional retouching techniques