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Digital-Tutors - Logo Animation for Motion Designers in AE
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In this set of tutorials, we'll go through the process of animating three logos in After Effects. logo animations can be difficult to create without the proper preparation in the program they were originally designed in, so we take the first few lessons of the course to split apart the assets in Illustrator. This way, when they're imported to After Effects, we have a much easier time animating them. We learn techniques for using the Puppet tool and some of the challenges that come along with that tool. We also use expressions and sliders as well as some parenting chains to create a paper-doll style rig. Each of the three logos present a unique challenge, and have lots of different techniques to cover so that when you're faced with a logo to animate on your own, you'll be ready for anything. By the end of this course, you'll have a great understanding of the methods for animating 2D logos and what it takes to give them realistic movements. If you're serious about adding logo animations to your motion design body of work, this course is a must-watch.


Digital-Tutors - Logo Animation for Motion Designers in AE Hf animation designers digitaltutors logo motion