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TITLE Boxing - How To Hit The Punch Mitts (2003) - Vol 6 - DVDRip
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Discover the inside secrets to mastering the punch mitts. Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber takes you to the limit with a bevy of punch mitt routines, exercises and drills that will help you take your arsenal to the next level. Learn important strategies for both the coach and boxer to really excel and learn new cutting-edge techniques. The Coach will demonstrate and successfully show you how to:

Properly throw punches at the mitts
Use the mitts for offensive and defensive training
Attack all areas of your opponent
Throw hooks, uppercuts, jabs, straight punches, body shots, and more
Warm up before fights
Develop speed and power
Proper methods of training and holding the mitts
Drills and combinations to make you a better boxer

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TITLE Boxing - How To Hit The Punch Mitts (2003) Vol 6 2003 boxing hit mitts punch title vol