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Digital Tutors - Indie Game Development Pipeline Volume 3: game Boss Prototyping
Intermediate | 1h 47m | 909 MB | Project Files | Software used: Unity 4.3

In this series of tutorials well go through the process of Prototyping the main functionality of a game boss you might see in a 2D side-scroller.
If you started the indie Game development Series with volume 1 youve had the chance to work on your game concept art and even work on prototyping the player character. In this volume well begin prototyping the functionality of our game boss using the powerful Unity game engine.
Well begin by discussing the design of our boss battle. This will help us stay on task and identify any holes in our logic. Once we have a solid understanding of our gameplay design well begin to configure the assets for the game boss and the battle environment. After that well begin scripting each phase of the boss battle. Well begin with small tasks but before long well have an entire system that will become more and more powerful.
Once youve completed this volume you can move on to Volume 4 where well go through the process of modeling and texturing the main character. Then you can continue on with the subsequent volumes on modeling and texturing the game boss rigging animation and final game assembly. These tutorials are step-by-step using our particular concepts but we really encourage you to have some fun and make it your own.


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Digital-Tutors - Indie Game Development Pipeline Volume 3: Boss Prototyping boss development digitaltutors game indie pipeline prototyping volume