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Digital Tutors - Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in Maya Video Tutorial
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Learn a time-saving workflow to modeling motorcycles and production-ready techniques to hard surface modeling with design constraints, building complex machined and man-made parts, and methods of adding detail for realism. Contains over 8 hours of self-paced training for artists using Maya. Popular highlights include: Hard Surface Modeling; Polygon Modeling Techniques; Understanding Fabrication Process; motorcycle Parts and Components Overview; NURBS to Build Motorcycle Frame; Adding Realism with Modeled Detail; mental ray Shaders to Blend Complex Geometry; Booleans to Create Complex Shapes; Creating Seam Detail; Adding Welds to Metal Pieces; Adding Bevels to Edges; Modeling Different Types of Materials; Adding Imperfections and Details; Applying Different Surface Materials; HDRI Lighting; Car Paint Shader; Using Naming Conventions; Setting up Hierarchies for Posing; Re-purposing Geometry; Tire Treads with Bump

01.Introduction and Project Overview 01:35
02.Motorcycle parts and terms 05:45
03.Adding an image plane 05:03
04.Starting a frame with curves 07:35
05.Creating geometry along the bike frame 09:32
06.Attaching the frame together 12:32
07.Adding welds to the frame 09:06
08.Detailing the bike frame 11:54
09.Finishing the frame 12:11
10.Starting the gas tank 11:52
11.Finishing the gas tank 04:08
12.Modeling the wheel 09:58
13.Adding the tire 06:33
14.Using Booleans to add disc brakes 15:06
15.Adding front and back tires 08:38
16.Creating the front fender 06:00
17.Adding the back fender 10:20
18.Building the fork tubes 12:33
19.Building the triple tree 07:50
20.Starting the exhaust pipes 13:14
21.Detailing the exhaust pipes 10:12
22.Building the cylinders 11:14
23.Creating the heads 09:28
24.Adding rocker covers 10:17
25.Building the transmission cover 11:03
26.Finishing the transmission cover 09:57
27.Modeling the water pump 12:27
28.Adding the gear case cover 10:47
29.Finishing the engine 13:02
30.Building the belt drive 10:56
31.Finishing the belt drive 09:43
32.Modeling the swing arm 10:34
33.Adding rear suspension 10:19
34.Modeling the seat 12:33
35.Detailing the seat 07:23
36.Adding front vent piece 11:35
37.Building the radiator 09:06
38.Modeling the headlight and cowl 08:30
39.Adding the brake calipers and cables 08:08
40.Adding the handlebars 06:17
41.Detailing the handlebars 13:39
42.Building pegs and kickstand 10:44
43.Building rear plate and taillights 12:28
44.Modeling the mirrors and brake handles 09:03
45.Naming and creating a hierarchy 06:19
46.Setting up the lighting 04:38
47.Adding materials to the bike 14:05
48.Using mental ray to blend the engine block 03:51
49.Adding textures to the bike 16.55


Digital Tutors - Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in Maya Video Tutorial digital maya modeling motorcycle techniques tutorial tutors video