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Tutsplus - What's Coming to javascript
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javascript is the most popular programming language in the world, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. In fact, it's far from ideal, but that's starting to change thanks to the ECMAScript 6 specification

Many key features and concepts that JavaScript lacks are finally being added to the language. In this course, we'll look at some of these new features and how we can use them.
Introduction 44s
Introduction 44s

Getting Started 6m 52s
Picking the ECMAScript 6 Environments 6m 52s

New Syntax 1h 10m 32s
Creating Variables with Block Scope 4m 14s
Constants 6m 4s
Default Parameters 5m 28s
Rest and Spread 7m 36s
Destructuring 11m
The for...of Loop 5m 10s
Iterators 5m 8s
Generators 9m 28s
Comprehensions 7m 20s
Syntax Refinements 9m 4s

Organizational Features 19m 14s
Classes 8m 44s
Modules 10m 30s

New Standard Library Features 47m 44s
Set 5m 28s
Map 5m 12s
WeakMap 6m 16s
Promises 17m 2s
Proxies 13m 46s

Conclusion 38s
Conclusion 38s

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