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Muse CC for Photographers with Terry White
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Genre: E-learning

In this class terry White will show you how to get started and create a complete website from scratch without having to write a single line of code.
You probably know that you need a website but youre not really into to writing code. Thats why Adobe Muse CC was created. You can have your own website and more importantly update it as often as you need.
Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 00:56)
Lesson 2: Initial Layout (Duration 02:53)
Lesson 3: Planning (Duration 04:16)
Lesson 4: Styling Master Pages (Duration 09:29)
Lesson 5: Adding Images and Text to Your Pages (Duration 11:42)
Lesson 6: Navigation Widgets (Duration 07:02)
Lesson 7: Building Out Individual Pages (Duration 05:46)
Lesson 8: Place a Slideshow (Duration 08:55)
Lesson 9: Adding Video (Duration 11:22)
Lesson 10: Forms Widget (Duration 05:25)
Lesson 11: Tablet and Phone Versions (Duration 11:20)
Lesson 12: Publishing the Site (Duration 06:36)
Lesson 13: Beyond the Basics (Duration 13:39)


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