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The United Nations Security Council and War: The Evolution of Thought and Practice since 1945 by Vaughan Lowe

English | ISBN: 0199583307 | 2010 | PDF | 816 pages | 3,2 mb
The book, bringing together distinguished scholars and practitioners, draws on the methods of the lawyer, the historian, the student of international relations, and the practitioner. It begins with an introductory overview of the Council's evolving roles and responsibilities.

It then discusses specific thematic issues, and through a wide range of case studies examines the scope and limitations of the Council's involvement in war. It offers frank accounts of how belligerents viewed the UN, and how the council acted and sometimes failed to act. The appendices provide comprehensive information much of it not previously brought together in this form of the extraordinary range of the Council's activities.



The United Nations Security Council and War: Evolution of Thought Practice since 1945 council evolution nations practice security thought united war