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Marakana - Android Internals
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Android internals training course is designed for Those WHO are already familiar with Basics of android SDK and are Looking to customize and / or Extend the Functionality of the platform. Android Internals Focuses on Android NDK and Android IDL APIs to Give you access to A clean the Underlying Hardware and Services with future compatibility in Mind.

Will you learn How to Build Custom Images and Hack the platform. Objectives By Completing Android Internals training course you Will be Able to:
Explain the anatomy of the Android platform and get is physiology (layer interactions)
Build native applications in Android using JNI and NDK
Take advantage of Android AIDL to build IPC-enabled bound services
Build the entire Android platform from source and get what's what
Customize and extend the Android platform to build custom ROMs
Modify and extend Android frameworks and services
Take advantage of custom hardware with Android
Understand where Android departs from standard Linux
This course is Android Internals for Developers WHO want to DiG Deeper than the standard Android SDK. It is for those who want to hack the system a bit in order to add system services and hardware support for non-standard components or port Android to completely new boards.

Android Overview
Android Stack
Android Kernel Layer
Android Native Layer
Android Application Framework Layer
Android Applications Layer
Java Native Interface (JNI) and the Android Native Development Kit (NDK)
Android Inter-Process Communication (IPC) with Binder and AIDL
Android Security Essentials
Building Android from Source
Android Startup
Android Subsystems
Creating a Customized Android System Image
Android Tools and Debugging

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Marakana - Android Internals android internals marakana