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CBT Nuggets - Salesforce Intermediate | 1.677 GB

This salesforce Intermediate Course with Jim Anthony will take you deeper into the features and functionality of Salesforce. You will also learn many sales and marketing trends as well as best practices for the real world.

Recommended skills:
Salesforce familiarity and experience
Recommended equipment:
Any Internet connected computer with video and sound
Related certifications:
Not Applicable
Related job functions:
Sales Representatives
Sales Management
Salesforce Administrators
This course will cover improving customer engagement, lead nurturing and lead scoring through Salesforce native functionality and a few additional third-party apps. You'll learn about managing opportunities, forecasts and pipeline with a real world perspective on how to stay on top of your opportunities and stay connected with your prospects and customers. You will learn about native Salesforce email features and functions such as sending stay-in-touch requests, leveraging email tracking, and using email templates and letterheads. We will also cover reports and dashboards, chatter, app exchange and You'll also get some hands-on experience using workflow rules, formulas, and setting up an approval process.

Password for Unrar : tut4dl


CBT Nuggets - Salesforce Intermediate-PRODEV cbt intermediat intermediateprodev nuggets salesforce