InDesign Interactive Document Fundamentals 08a9df38be28b08c76caa701726753d7.jpg InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals
3h 24m | Intermediate | Jul 09, 2013 Updated Mar 11, 2014 | Exercise Files | 917 Mb
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Using the powerful toolset in Adobe indesign CC, you can create a variety of interactive documents: PDFs, ebooks, magazines, forms, and more. In this course, publishing expert Mike Rankin offers a foundation for designing engaging interactive documents and explores what's possible with each kind of document, so that you'll know which type suits the needs of your projects. Learn the basics of buttons, form objects, and other interactive objects, as well as techniques for setting up structured navigation. Next, tour the Digital Publishing Suite, a service for publishing InDesign documents to mobile devices, including the iPad, and take a look at some sample interactive document design workflows. Lastly, find out how to customize InDesign for working with interactive documents.
Topics include:
Overview of interactive document typesEnhancing a project with interactive objectsSetting up hyperlinks, page transitions, and a table of contentsUnderstanding media formatsAdding HTML animationsManage folios with the Folio ProducerCreating EPUBsAdapting a page layout for mobile devices with Liquid LayoutChanging page designs with primary text framesFormatting text with text style mappingWorkflows for designing interactive documentsCustomizing the workspaceOrganizing content with layersUsing third-party scripts to work on interactive documents


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