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Blender Cookie Skin Shading With Cycles | 383 MB
Skin shading isnt new to the Blender cookie training catalogue. But it is new to the cycles rendering engine! So thats why were revisiting the topic again. Besides skin shading is such a difficult thing to get right thats its a good idea to revisit occasionally from a new perspective.

What youre going to learn:
The key to skin shading in Cycles is the relatively new Subsurface Scattering node. This BSSRDF surface type is essentially a fully-featured translucent material allowing light to partially pass through your object. A crucial characteristic of human skin.

In Lesson 1 I will walk you through more of a simplistic approach to skin shading using the Subsurface Scattering node basically by itself.
In Lesson 2 I will show you a more complex approach based on Matthew Heimlichs Arnold Skin Shader Port. This prefab shader group offers traditional tri-layer skin construction thats standard with commercial renderers like Vray Mental Ray and of course Arnold.


Blender Cookie Skin Shading With Cycles blender cook cookie cycles shading skin