ESET NOD32 LiveCD 25.11.2013

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اسطوانة الطوارئ والإنقاذ للحماية من الفيروسات
livecd ESET nod32 25.11.2013
أسطوانه الطوارئ الشهيره من العملاق النود 32
فايده الاسطوانة دى لو السيستم عندك اتفيرس ولازم تعمل اسكان من هارد تانى ...ليه تفك وتربط ؟؟
معاك أسطوانه الطوارئ لعمل اسكان على الجهاز من السي دي لازاله الفيروسات
الاسطوانه نفس فكره اسطوانه الكاسبر والأفيرا بالظبط
بس دى من العملاق النود 32
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The main advantage livecd eset NOD32 is that the program is run independently from the operating system company, while having access to the hard disk and the entire file system. This allows you to remove such of infection, which in an ordinary situation (for example, when running the operating system, etc.) to remove just incredible.
To load the company with the support of a boot disk to ESET
(Download Fail Live CD ESET NOD32 (. ISO
Burn ISO-image to CD-ROM at low speed (it is possible to write on USB flash-drive
Install CD-ROM (or USB flash-drive) to sign on for the boot image ESET, and restart the computer, pre-enabled in the BIOS to boot from CD (DVD)-ROM (or USB flash-drive
When booting LiveCD ESET NOD32 from removable media on the screen will display.
Implementation: options
Afterward booted LiveCD ESET NOD32 ESET SysRescue is a comprehensive on-demand scanner with support for upgrades and
To do this
Run the BIOS options with support for pressing the Delete key or F2 (santim.. ********ation on your PC) at the time of start-up companies.
With the support of the arrows on the keyboard tab elects Advanced BIOS Features and push Enter.
Elect tab First Boot Device, nazhimaent button Enter, in the window just to support the arrows on your keyboard pointer against putting labels CD-ROM (or against USB Flash-Drive) and push Enter.
covers the BIOS, while preserving options for the push button on the keyboard F10, afterward reddish appearance of the window push the button Enter. PC will reboot and if you have installed CD (DVD)-ROM (or USB flash-drive) bootable with ESET - download it happen .

اسطوانة الطوارئ والإنقاذ ESET NOD32 shutterstock5430838conv.png
Year: 2013
(Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86/x64
Language: ML / English
Medicine: not required Freeware
Size: 200 MB
الاسطوانه بصيغة iso يتم حرقها على سي دي

اسطوانة الطوارئ والإنقاذ ESET NOD32 shutterstock5430838conv.png
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