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Enigma Protector Online Solutions v2.54 | 11 Mb

Enigma protector online solutions allows to perform Online Activation using Software Billing Panel. Let me explain what is Online Activation itself. Online activation is just simple way to register application. You do not need to enter registration name/key as by usual registration, protected application will connect to the server and generate registration keys automatically. So activation process is same as registration process, just using internet connection.

This version is same as a usual version of Enigma Protector but it also contains a set of Online Solution functions.

Before protecting, online solution properties should be configured. Go to Online Solutions - Common pane, and click Configuration Wizard.

On the first step enter there link to the control panel, for example:
(do not forget to add index.php at the end of url) and login/password for administrator, it is admin/admin

Then go through other steps.

Then enable Online Activation Dialog.

To test the system, go to Software Billing Panel and generate New Order for you (see description there viewtopic.php?f=30&t=854) after order is created you will get an activation id. Paste this activation id in the online activation dialog of protected file and click Activate. If everything is well, software should be well activated.


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