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Xara 3D Maker v7.0.0.415-F4CG | 18 Mb

Xara 3D maker is used both by professional web graphic designers and home computer users to make animated gifs, buttons, banner graphics and titles for presentations and web pages.

Here are some key features of "Xara 3D Maker (formerly Xara 3D)":

Creating and Importing:
آ· Text headings can use any TrueType font
آ· Full text control, including alignment, superscript, line spacing, tracking and kerning values for individual characters or over whole selections
آ· Instant access to full character sets from within the text dialog
آ· Create non-text headings by importing 2D graphics as Windows metafiles (WMF and EMF) or CorelXARA/Webster files (XAR and WEB) and extruding the outlines
آ· An automatic design-making tool instantly converts any text heading into a button, board or board with holes
آ· Full anti-aliasing for the best possible on-screen display quality

Editing and Applying Special Effects:
آ· Interactive control over the 3D extrude depth - simply click and drag on the image
آ· Unlimited undo makes experimentation easy
آ· Real-time 3D positioning around three axes by simply dragging the image on screen
آ· Areas of text can be selected, and different attributes such as bevel, color, fonts, textures, animation and text settings applied
آ· The Style Picker allows you to easily grab any or all of the settings of one image and apply them to another
آ· A total of 27 different bevel types with adjustable bevel size
آ· Interactive, easy-to-use lighting controls (three adjustable light arrows which can be dragged on-screen)
آ· Flexible interactive controls over the color and/or texture of every part of the image, and the background
آ· A total of 37 textures are included in the download, and there are 400+ on the CD-ROM you receive when you purchase. You can also import your own GIF or PNG files
آ· Textures can be scaled, rotated and colored
آ· Images can be displayed with front and back faces, or can be made hollow
آ· Images can be matt or shiny
آ· Images can have a soft-edged shadow and an intuitive interface allows you to easily alter the shadow blur, transparency and color
آ· Real-time solid shading with optional error-diffusion dithering for top quality results

آ· Images can be animated in many different ways (see examples), such as Rotate, Fade, Pulsate, Step, Fade and Swing, using a simple interface - see screenshot
آ· The Animation Picker lets you easily copy the animation settings of one image to another - see screenshot
آ· Apply different animations to individual characters or sections of text
آ· Step-through multi-page animations of different images
آ· The number of frames in a sequence, the rotation direction, the speed, pause and number of loops can all be selected through simple controls
آ· An animation time line allows you to step through each frame, pause and export a single frame
آ· Lights and text can be rotated separately
آ· Great for creating animated buttons

Exporting your results:
آ· Outputs JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG (including full PNG alpha channel), ICO (icon), CUR (cursor), animated GIF, AVI and SWF (vector and bitmap)
آ· Any 3D animation can also be exported as a screensaver
آ· Optional background transparency
آ· Color reduction and palette-optimization for maximum quality with the smallest file size, ideal for web pages and presentations - see screenshot
آ· Complete control over the image size, including a handy Fit To Width feature (with pixel size shown on screen)

آ· 256Mb RAM
آ· 150MB of available hard-disk space

New in V7:
A View Options panel which gives additional advanced control over the X/Y position of an image against its background, allows you to precisely change the angle of rotation and viewpoint, and offers a new wireframe mode which can simplify the display and speed up animation viewing time.


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