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Active To-Do List v3.0 | 1 Mb

Active To-Do List. Active To-Do list keeps track of your tasks in an easy to use format. Quickly record as many notes as you need for each task, and organize your tasks into categories or even different to-do lists.

Feature List:

Easy To Use Interface
The interface is simple and provides quick access to your tasks and their associated notes. Write task notes directly into the main window. Drag and drop tasks to re-prioritize them. Completely customize the appearance by choosing the fields to display, their order, and all the fonts/colors used. Even though the interface is simple it offers powerful sorting, searching, and filtering capabilities when needed.

Multiple To-Do Lists
Create as many to-do lists as you need. You may want to organize your tasks into different to-do lists. Each person in your family could have their own to-do list, or you could have one for work, and one for home.

Unlimited Tasks
Each to-do list can contain an unlimited number of tasks.

Task Alarms
Each task can have alarms set to help remind you. An alarm can be set to pop up a message window, play a sound, send out an email, or run any program you want.


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