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Windows Sidebar v 6.0.6002.19105 + 300 Gadgets (2010) | 65 MB

Windows Sidebar - a sidebar of your desktop such as those found in Windows 7/Vista, implemented on Windows XP using the gadgets allow you to view this or any other information, for example: the processor and memory, clock, weather informer, and the exchange rate, RSS feeds, news, notepad, calculator and more .

The program included a package in demand gadget for every day. Additionally, you can freely download and install any gadget on request.

The panel has not undergone almost no change over the last few versions, so the feature is just a set of gadgets.

System requirements:

Minimum for Windows XP

You must have installed Net FrameWork, version 2.0, preferably 3.0. If the condition does not fit into your system the program will not start the installation.


For the stable operation Sidebar and gadgets also need to have the following installed on a computer program:

Browser Windows Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0.

It is desirable to Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0.


Windows_Sidebar_6.0.6002.18005_.rar.rar.rar - 66.5 MB

Windows Sidebar v 6>0>6002>19105 + 300 Gadgets (2010) 2010 download