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Videomach 5.8.1 Professional | 4.22 MB

VideoMach is a popular software for converting images to video, disassembling video to pictures, adding audio to animations, extracting audio from movies, speeding up video, slowing it down, resizing, cropping and rotating. Videomach is mostly used for converting output of high-speed imagers, 3D renderers, time-lapse capture, game videos and stop-motion animation to presentation video. Supported formats in Standard version include AVI, MPEG, FLC, HAV, JPEG, PNG, BMP, DIB, TGA, PNM and more. Professional version adds formats used in high-speed imagers and graphics workstations, such as BAYER, CINE/CVR, SUN, RAS, SGI, RGB, TIFF, XPM and more.
• 3D rendering
• High-speed imagers (crash-test labs)
• Time-lapse photography
• Stop-motion animation
• Game videos

Changes in VideoMach 5.8.1 (2010-10-22):
* Changed: Final Resize button is always enabled in Save As dialog
* Changed: Support for BMPs with negative height (although that's not by BMP specs)
* Changed: Licensing (new licensing models and prices)


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