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AVG PC Tuneup 2011 v. (x32/x64) Unattended | 7 MB

AVG PC tuneup 2011 - The ideal solution to your computer. This is a powerful tool for configuring your system is most optimal way, cleaning your registry and disk, as well as optimizing your programs. The program contains a set of more than 18 utilities that can clean up, speed up and solve the problems of your computer.


- Disk Cleanup
- Correction of errors in the Windows Registry
- Disk Defragmenter
- Recover deleted files
- Optimize your Internet connection
- System Configuration

AVG PC Tuneup is a computer maintenance and optimization tool that you can install together with AVG. This standalone application analyzes and fixes different issues that might occur on your computer, speeding up the system and making it more secure. Running the System Scan will check for and repair errors in the following areas: Registry Errors, Junk Files, Disk Errors, Disk Fragmentation.

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