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Licking Dog and Licking Cat Screensavers 2011 | 5.35 Mb

If you like screen savers and if you a dog or a cat lover, you might want to check out these Licking Dog and Licking Cat screensavers for your Windows computer.

The Licking Dog screensaver features a pug licking your monitor screen clean, from inside the computer!

This small pug dog will carefully â€کlick’ the screen from within the computer. The whole scene makes a fun screen-saver to gawk at while your PC is idle!

In the Licking Cat Screensaver, a cat is in charge of the same task and licks the whole screen without leaving a single area untouched.

The cat’s images are rather funny to see and the cat looks very realistic, although there’s only one model included and no option to choose among several cats


Licking Dog and Cat Screensavers 2011 monitor