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Advanced Woman Calendar is a precise and user-friendly ovulation calendar that monitors the menstrual cycle. It helps you to achieve or avoid pregnancy, calculates safe days for sexual intercourse, and even predicts the gender of your baby.
Ovulation calendar helps you to use the natural birth control method. It will calculate your fertile days (those with increased chances of getting pregnant), the ovulation time and even enables baby gender prediction by highlighting the increased probability of conceiving a baby boy or a girl. The results are presented as a color-coded ovulation calendar showing your fertile and non-fertile periods.
Key Features
Precise and easy-to-use ovulation calendar
Best quality prognosis of the ovulation date with calculation of all accumulated data
Several user profiles with password protection
Daily notes
Reminders and alarms
Baby geneder predictor with Chinese Lunar Calendar
Horoscopes and Zodiac signs
Can show ovulation calendar as desktop wallpaper
Basal body temperature charting
Premenstrual syndrome tracking
Pregnancy calendar
Printing support
Compatible with all versions of Windows
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